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New to Opera

3 Steps to Success


It’s best to arrive at the club no later than 15 minutes before the session is about to start. This will guarantee you a seat and give you the chance to get comfy.

Once in the club you’ll need to buy your books and any separate tickets you want to play e.g. National Game or Link Game. The books are sold in sets and you can play up to 6 at a time.


There’s plenty to keep you entertained before the main session starts, whether you fancy your chances on the fruit machines, try your luck with Parti Bingo or simply want to enjoy our delicious food and drink. We even have a short early evening sessions, (6.30pm at Workington, 6.45pm Carlisle and 6.10pm Saturday only at Whitehaven) for all you early birds – a good way to practice if you’re a newcomer to bingo.


This is the fun part! As the caller shouts out the numbers mark them off on your card. Once you’ve got a line, two lines or a house (all three lines), depending on what the caller’s asked for, put up your hand and shout out ‘bingo’, ‘house’ or whatever takes your fancy, just remember to call as soon as your numbers are up!

Once you’ve called, your numbers will be checked and, if you’ve got that winning combination, get ready to receive your wad of cash!

Not Sure about anything, just ask one of the friendly staff in the club and they will be more than happy to help.

Bingo Lingo


Bingo books are sold in sets and this refers to how many games (pages) you will play during the main bingo session. Sets vary from session to session but are usually between 10 and 14 pages.


A game played with other bingo clubs for bigger prize money.


The biggest game you can play, with currently up to £25,000 up for grabs.


Parti/MCB Bingo is played before each game and during intervals. Instead of marking off paper sheets you play with a plastic board, found at each table. It’s a good way to practice and only costs from 20p a game.


Electronic Bingo is available at our Workington, Carlisle and St Helens clubs offering you the opportunity to play more tickets than usual with the minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment. Easy to use, quick to master and just as much fun, Electronic Bingo is a great alternative to marking off paper tickets and you don’t need to worry about missing a number.