Opera Bingo

Our clubs offer a great way to spend an afternoon or early evening not just for the young at heart but for anyone wanting to have a good time.

We offer a friendly, relaxing, fun environment where you can play our slot machines, traditional bingo and have a few drinks and a bite to eat – you even have the chance of winning some prize money to pay for your visit and much, much more!

Our inhouse jackpots regularly run in to the THOUSANDS at each of our venues so win one of these and it won't just pay for your ‘Great Night Out’ but would leave you enough left over for ‘A Great Holiday’ as well – plus there are national bingo games you can play with HUGE jackpots up for grabs.

Membership is completely free and our friendly staff will be more than happy to explain the various game options available to any ‘Bingo Newbies’.

As we are both family owned and independent we understand the importance of providing a great customer experience, so experienced or inexperienced you can look forward to a great time at Opera Bingo.

Strictly over 18s only
Challenge 25 policy in operation at all clubs - anyone believed to be aged 25 years or under will be required to provide id.

what's happening

Discover whats going on at Opera Bingo

  • Bingo is fun and suitable for all ages 18+ and all budgets. New members are always welcome. We also cater for parties, be that a birthday, a group of friends looking for something different or a works night out.
  • Every year we create thousands of winners in our clubs. Whether it's winning a line or an inhouse game, a link game with other clubs or the National Game. Part of the fun or bingo is that adrenaline rush that it could be your winning ticket.
  • Bingo is a social event and has been at the heart of each community where we operate our clubs for many years. In addition to bingo we have a great range of food offerings and a wide selection of drinks, all at very reasonable prices. We run trips to the other clubs, have play offs for luxury holidays plus individual varied weekly/session promotions in each club.
  • We are mindful that bingo can form part of a night out. At weekends some customers may choose to start their Great Night Out at bingo leaving plenty of time to still hit the town. We also run regular events and themed evenings, be that Halloween, Christmas, music or cabaret within our clubs.