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Opera Barrow Reopening FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Reopening frequently asked questions.

When are you reopening?

The club is reopening Tuesday Afternoon 14th July in Barrow from 11am. All Morning afternoon and Evening times remain the same as before.

Can I still buy Bingo Tickets or Bingo Bee’s from the counter?

We ask members that members please make your way straight to your table of choice, sitting down and a member of staff will get you your tickets without any fuss or queuing. Members needing help to self -serve or add credit to an electronic board will also be helped by a member of staff at the pay station.

Can I still visit the bar and buffet, or is it table service too?

Save your legs as we’ll also be serving all your food and drink to your table. Our Menu will be reduced due to social distancing in the kitchen for a short time but staff will have a copy on hand to show you.
We will also be using disposable containers and cutlery for the time being to serve your food whilst implementing high hygiene standards. All sauces and condiments will also be served in individual sachets.

Do I have to reserve a table before visiting?

It is not our intention to require members to book, ahead of visiting.
With capacity restricted due to social distancing however we are offering you the chance to call ahead and book a table/tickets. You may reserve your table by calling the club between 10 am and 1pm from Wednesday 8th of July. Please have your membership number, whether you’d like a board or paper and your payment card ready.

What have we done to get ready for reopening?

The club has introduced a risk assessment looking at all aspects of the club. We have introduced control measures which all staff have been trained in to keep members and staff safe and healthy.
Operating procedures have changed to reduce close face to face interactions and we have upped our cleaning procedures to compliment social distancing to keep everyone safe.

Will you provide PPE for staff?

Non-medical face coverings and gloves will be made available on request for all staff. PPE will be required for staff working in the kitchen and other select areas.

How will we keep the club clean?

Staff will be around at all times to clean and sanitise the club and toilets.
Self service machines will be cleaned regularly.
Additional cleaning stations are also available throughout the club.

How will we protect staff?

All staff will be educated in looking out for Covid symptoms. If they show any sign of these they will be asked to stay away from the club.
Sales points/Bar/Kitchen/Offices will be arranged into individual work areas or reduce staff interactions.
Hand sanitisers/hand washing areas are located in all staff and back office areas.
Protective screens will be located for customer service areas and staff interactions.

Will we be serving our usual menu?

The menu has been reduced to minimise the amount of items produced at each work station in the kitchen.
All food will be served in covered disposable food boxes with sealed plastic cutlery and condiments will be served in sachets.

Will Menus be reused for customers?
Menus will be single use.

Will teas and coffees be served in ceramic mugs?

No. For the time being we will be using disposable insulated cups.

Will alcohol be served in disposable glasses?

Yes. Draught Beer, Lager and ciders along with spirits and mixtures will be served in plastic disposable glasses.

Will toilets be available for customer use?

Yes. Hand sanitisers are providing on the entrance and exits of the toilets. Please use.
Signage will be displayed in the toilets reminding customers about handwashing and technique.
Capacity will be reduced in the toilets and we ask that you ‘keep right’ in the toilets and respect fellow members and social distancing measures.

What payment methods do you accept?

You may pay by cash or card at any sales point.
On a daily basis all coins that are used for floats will be disinfected ahead of the days use.
Bags of change – 20ps or £1’s will be available from staff in specially disinfected bags prepared by staff wearing PPE.

Can I smoke or Vape in the club?

Vaping along with smoking is not permitted in the club. If you wish to smoke or vape it must be done outside the club away from any entrance or exit.
Date posted: 8th, July, 2020